How to Recognize a Vegan

Have you ever observed the behavior of people in love? They have a lot in common with vegans!  Allow me to explain by means of question and answer:

   Question: How do you know if a person is vegan?

   Answer: You don’t need to. They’ll tell you.

   The sure evidence that someone is in love is that they can’t help but letting everyone know. They’re happy to shout it from the mountaintop. There’s no need to guess.

   The most memorable thing about the demoniac from Gennesaret is that he fell in love with Jesus from the moment he was released from the prison house of the Enemy. He found Love and it made all the difference to his life. It was what qualified him to be a perfect evangelist.

   He recognized the difference that being with Jesus had made—and he loved Jesus passionately. These two endowments of grace made all the difference. He received no training in giving Bible Studies. He was neither a pastor nor a theologian. He simply understood the difference that Jesus made and he fell in love with his Savior. It was all he needed to become an effective evangelist.

   Later, when Jesus returned to the district, the whole population were ready to receive Him. And they did.

   So, what about us? Do we recognize the difference that Jesus has made in our lives? Are we desperately in love with Jesus? Have we received those same two endowments of grace? If so, could Spirit the Holy just be waiting for us to share our story of Jesus with others?

   If we are in love with Him, we won’t be able to hide it and we too will become successful evangelists.

Pastor Michael

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