Restore A Child 

Thank you for being our friends and great donors.  In emergency it matters that we work with speed.  Every delay might mean a live can be saved or lost.  Thank you for your great support for Ukraine.  We already sent them 20 tons of food via our partners Dr. Laszlo from Friedensau Adventist University in Germany.  Dr. Laszlo traveled last week end with his wife and another medical doctor from Germany to supervise the distribution to refugees in Romania and then to Ukraine. The two videos we just received from the Director of the Central Union Conference located in Luviv.  They are using our school as shelter for refugees, mostly mothers with little children.  We prepare cooked meals for them and protect them.  We are planning to provide the kids with emotional and mental help and also educational support.  This conference is also our partner in another Boarding school in the Carpathia mountains, in Tchyachiv where more than 100 refugees are sheltered every day and provided with food and other needs.   Please pray for Ukraine refugees and support their basic needs.  They are homeless now and hopeless.  Together we can give them HOPE and the knowledge of Christ.  Please ask your pastors to play one or both videos in church and encourage your members to give through Restore a Child because we are a unique ministry and have been working in Ukraine since 2011.  But after the Crimean war we started building the four schools.  It was God's providence so we can become the shelter for the refugees in this Unjust war.

Thank you.



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