Are You Hungry?

The Lord's prayer found in Matthew 6:9-13 is well known by most, if not all, Christians.  We focus on different aspects of it depending on our life circumstances at the moment.  This week, verse eleven jumped out at me, "Give us this day our daily bread." NKJV or "Give us today the food we need," NLT and in most English translations the verse implies we are to ask for what is needed and promised today.  We must eat physical food to stay alive -- it's a 'cause and effect' thing.  Yes, some of us eat wrong things or good things in excess that seem to add "extra-staying" ability when times are scant.  But, truly, to be healthy and satisfied, God says ask for 'fresh food' for your daily needs.  After all, He promised that our bread and water would be sure!  And, you can't store up enough food in your body to survive a famine.  

How about spiritually?  Do you get hungry?  Are you looking to fill your daily needs with a knowledge and deepening dependence on God? Could you survive if there were a famine? Our minds and bodies were made to eat daily.  Good food produces good flesh and healthy thoughts and actions.  When we exist on the processed and fake foods the world offers, our body will suffer.  Give me popcorn with lots of butter and, for the moment, I'm a happy camper but, unfortunately, my under-exercised knees don't always agree!  You see our loving and all-wise Heavenly Father and Creator, knows what makes us truly happy and healthy!  His law of 'cause and effect' says good physical food and good spiritual food result in healthy followers of Christ!  Spiritually, feasting on God's Word along with asking for a filling of the Holy Spirit, are a must!  We need a fresh supply EVERY day!  The best news is He is VERY HAPPY to supply all our needs!  Just ask Him! He's standing at the door of your heart with a heaping tray of spiritual blessings!  The Psalmist encourages us to, "Taste and see that He is good!"  Happy eating!


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